5 Fetishes That Top Celebrities Have

What do Amy Winehouse, Quentin Tarantino, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie have in common? Apart from being celebrities in their own right of course! As people they are as different as chalk would be from cheese, but there is a common thread that binds all these beautiful, glamorous people together. Fetishes. A fetish is attraction to a particular object without the presence of which it is impossible for the fetishist to indulge in sexual activities. Humans have distinctive likes Read more [...]

3 Sex Positions that Puts Your Man in Control

We’ve talked about the sex positions that women love and now it’s time to give the men a go at things. Let him control the pace, change the angle, communicate with each other to find out what your man likes, and it’s bound to get hot and steamy in bed with him! We got thinking about how hot these below mentioned positions were, and added a hot quotient to each of the positions. Try them out and see if you agree! The Rider: He loves you to be at the helm and take matters into your hands! Read more [...]

Masturbate Together this Masturbation Month!

It took one woman to speak up for the importance of including masturbation in the sex education curriculum of schools in the US to finally bring the topic into public conversation. Like every revolution, she too had to pay the price with her job of course. US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was fired on December 9th, 1994 from her job by the then President Bill Clinton. The following year, the first International Masturbation Month was celebrated on May 7th. Today people spend the entire month of Read more [...]

3 Sex Positions to Trigger Her Orgasm

Much has been said and written about the male orgasm and there are too many tips on giving the best blow job ever. But the female orgasm has still remained a taboo in the times of sexual liberation. Too many women don't know what gets them off, and most don't even try. Sex as most of the world would have us believe, is the man’s prerogative and the woman’s orgasm doesn't matter. Well it does. And how! Orgasms release oxytocin that helps strengthen the bond between couples and the entire activity Read more [...]

3 New Twists to the Boring Old Missionary

Sex they say rests not between your legs, but in the brain. Which is why, both partners need to be well rested to be able to rock each other’s world. It also helps that both of you leave baggage outside the bedroom door. Stress and anxiety have never been good for health and there has been no proof to show that these are good for healthy sex either. Couples who have been together for a long time often forget to spend quality time with each other, and it is the sex that suffers the most. Or, even Read more [...]

The Evolution of Sex Dolls – From Ancient Times to the Present Day

It has long been debated whether sex dolls can stand in for real women when it comes to accompanying men in bed. Since ancient times, men have used dolls that replicate a female body or body parts to satisfy their sexual needs and by the way the sex doll industry is burgeoning right now, it doesn’t look like these real women replicas are going to go out of business any soon. From the time of Pygmalion men have fallen in love and lived with dolls and statues. Sailors have fashioned dolls out of Read more [...]

Bonnie Rotten Wins Hearts Over and Over Again – ‘An Advocate of Anything Kinky’

The Bonnie Rotten collection is flying off our shelves this year as the alt porn star continues to climb the popularity charts after winning the AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year last year. She has ruled so many hearts since then that she got her own line of sex toy collection last July! The squirting star is a favorite among a host of alt porn fans and her signature collection aims at bringing sex dolls and sex toys modelled after her posing in some of her more famous positions. Dolls Read more [...]

Give Your Girl Expert Head Tonight

Some people consider oral sex to be an even more intimate form of sexual intimacy than intercourse, and with good reason one would say. Sexual intercourse employs only one of the senses - that of touch, while oral sex includes all of them - taste, smell, sight, hearing and of course touch. Which is why, it is viewed by some people as more intimate than sexual intercourse. Also it is more about giving than receiving, if you know what I mean. The adult porn industry will have us believe that it is Read more [...]

Rewards For Love Program

The new Loyalty Rewards program is our way of showing loyalty to you, our valued customer, for the love you have showed us. Great sexperiences. Greater rewards. EARN POINTS EASILY Every time you spend $10 on our site, we will add 50 points to your Account so you can redeem them later. The more you spend, the more points will accumulate in your account. Every 50 points equal $0.5 (50 cents) and once you have a minimum of 1000 points, you can redeem them to buy anything you want from our site. Which Read more [...]

Beginner’s Guide to using a Vibrator

Some women get completely thrown off balance when it comes to using a vibrator for solo pleasure or during couple play. Introducing batteries in one’s sex life is not something many are comfortable with, especially if it comes to using it during masturbation. But it doesn't have to be so unnerving if you know how to use them properly. Vibrators can be daunting, all buzzing and vibrating at different rhythms and escalations if you are not familiar with the concept of using them. But the benefits Read more [...]