The Evolution of Sex Dolls – From Ancient Times to the Present Day

It has long been debated whether sex dolls can stand in for real women when it comes to accompanying men in bed. Since ancient times, men have used dolls that replicate a female body or body parts to satisfy their sexual needs and by the way the sex doll industry is burgeoning right now, it doesn’t look like these real women replicas are going to go out of business any soon. From the time of Pygmalion men have fallen in love and lived with dolls and statues. Sailors have fashioned dolls out of Read more [...]

Bonnie Rotten Wins Hearts Over and Over Again – ‘An Advocate of Anything Kinky’

The Bonnie Rotten collection is flying off our shelves this year as the alt porn star continues to climb the popularity charts after winning the AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year last year. She has ruled so many hearts since then that she got her own line of sex toy collection last July! The squirting star is a favorite among a host of alt porn fans and her signature collection aims at bringing sex dolls and sex toys modelled after her posing in some of her more famous positions. Dolls Read more [...]

Give Your Girl Expert Head Tonight

Some people consider oral sex to be an even more intimate form of sexual intimacy than intercourse, and with good reason one would say. Sexual intercourse employs only one of the senses - that of touch, while oral sex includes all of them - taste, smell, sight, hearing and of course touch. Which is why, it is viewed by some people as more intimate than sexual intercourse. Also it is more about giving than receiving, if you know what I mean. The adult porn industry will have us believe that it is Read more [...]

Rewards For Love Program

The new Loyalty Rewards program is our way of showing loyalty to you, our valued customer, for the love you have showed us. Great sexperiences. Greater rewards. EARN POINTS EASILY Every time you spend $10 on our site, we will add 50 points to your Account so you can redeem them later. The more you spend, the more points will accumulate in your account. Every 50 points equal $0.5 (50 cents) and once you have a minimum of 1000 points, you can redeem them to buy anything you want from our site. Which Read more [...]

Beginner’s Guide to using a Vibrator

Some women get completely thrown off balance when it comes to using a vibrator for solo pleasure or during couple play. Introducing batteries in one’s sex life is not something many are comfortable with, especially if it comes to using it during masturbation. But it doesn't have to be so unnerving if you know how to use them properly. Vibrators can be daunting, all buzzing and vibrating at different rhythms and escalations if you are not familiar with the concept of using them. But the benefits Read more [...]

Quick and Dirty Tips on Blowing Your Man

Blowjobs look easy and enough and turning on in porn and adult movies and the performers seem to be having such a great time sucking off their partners in those movies. But in reality many women shy away from performing oral sex on their partners, mainly because they don’t seem to understand what really goes on down there. Men are more vocal in wanting a blowjob from their partners, but women hold back - sometimes because of years of grooming that teaches us to stay away from touching and pleasuring Read more [...]

Know More About Vaginal Candidiasis – Is Sex Advisable During The Condition?

Vaginal yeast infection is a condition that affects millions of women around the world and is quite common. While it is not a serious condition, and can be treated with proper medical care, many women are confused whether or not to have sex while suffering from this condition. There are many types of bacteria and yeast that thrive on the skin of a healthy vagina. Normally the bacteria helps keep the yeast growth in check, but for various reasons the yeast cells can multiply and cause the condition Read more [...]

A Self-Pleasuring Guide for Women

Self pleasuring has always been a taboo in the society, and will continue to be one. With female sexuality still being such an uncomfortable subject to broach, even in this age of oversharing, it is unexpected to find a group of girls in a bar talking about how they ‘wanked off’ numerous times a day. It’s easier to find a group of men discussing flower arrangements for the next weekend party at home, than coming across a bunch of women talking about their own bodies and what pleasures them Read more [...]

Give Love A Chance- 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship

Married for fifteen years, my sister has had a fairly romantic relationship with her husband. They were in high school together, and though he went away to college for a few years and stayed in a different country to work there, the relationship remained strong. They have two lovely children and make for a fairly happy family. Amy is quite close to me too, and we both grew up sharing every little hope, every candy that we got, and every experience we had during our childhood. Her husband Will is Read more [...]

A Valentine’s Weekend with Mr Grey

My first encounter with shades was when I was a little girl. Monochrome pastels beautified the windows of the country home I grew up in. Many springs later, I came across the shades of Christian Grey, which - not in the least to say - were related to anything pertaining to windows. Those were the Fifty Shades of Christian Grey’s heart, with which he colored Ana, a college senior whose chance meeting with the 28 year billionaire changed her life forever.  That was back in 2012. One summer, on Read more [...]