Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Kinky Side In Valentine’s Day Wishlist

And after extending the olive branch to her husband’s ex Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian has jumped into Valentine’s Day preparations with full gusto. The Twitter feud between between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa had turned pretty nasty, with Khalifa’s ex Amber jumping to his defence. The diplomatic that Kim is, she met up with Amber at her mom Kris Jenner’s house to bury the hatchet. They also posted a selfie of them together. The reality TV darling posted the photo on her Twitter account captioning Read more [...]

Tap Into These Hot Female Fantasies For A Sizzling Valentine’s Night

  You thought men are the only ones with a head full of lusty fantasies? No Sir. Women are equally kinky when it comes to sizzling thoughts about men (and other women) and are only waiting for the right man to turn their fantasies into reality. Light bondage, fetish, threesomes, PDA - there is no end to the fantasies women have within those pretty heads of theirs. If you are a man who wants to fulfill every dark desire his woman has, we’re here to give you a heads-up on what may be going Read more [...]

5 Amazing Things You Can Do For Your Valentine This Year

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is the third most stress inducing day of the year, birthdays and anniversaries being the first two. It doesn't matter whether you are married for a long time, or are enjoying the first flushes of love, a few days February 14th will set the alarms beeping in your head, reminding you of the huge responsibility to buy that perfect gift for your Valentine. What special things can you do for your partner on the day of love, so that the memories live on long after Read more [...]

TwerkingButt – Turning Future Of Cyber Passion Into Reality One Butt At A Time

A dance form that originated in the depths of West Africa has bounced its way into all aspects of life - and that my dear friend, doesn't exclude SEX! Yes! ‘Twerking’ may have been a rarely used term before Miley Cyrus gyrated her way into our mobile screens, but the popularity of this bizarre butt jerk has inspired a new sex toy that blends your wildest fantasies with passionate reality, blurring the lines between the two. Largest porn sharing website Pornhub and sex toy manufacturer TopCo Read more [...]

Gift Your Valentine A Cock Ring To Enhance The Pleasure This Year

How do cock rings work? How do you put them on? Are they safe? If you find yourself groping for the answers to these questions, you are reading the right blog post. Cock rings work by enhancing male erections and by keeping a man hard for longer. And who doesn't know harder erections mean a lot more fun! With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, consider getting one of these devices for your partner, and make way for longer, fuller orgasms - for both of you! Ok, so how does a cock ring work? When Read more [...]

Get HOT Between The Sheets When It’s Brrr… Cold Outside

Did you know that winter causes your sex drive to take a dip? Our ancestors hibernated during the winter months, piling on calories to keep themselves warm and these two factors combined together caused their sex drives to drop. And thanks to Darwin’s theories, we are still wired to feel less horny when it is cold outside. But but... hang on... did you also know that September 16th is a date which boasts of the most shared birthdays? Calculate back some months, and you have these Virgo kids being Read more [...]

7 Incredible Benefits of Using a Sex Toy in the Bedroom

Toying with the idea of using a vibrator? It will please you to know that introducing sex toys in the bedroom comes with an array of benefits. Don't shirk yet at the mention of batteries in the bedroom. It doesn't only make sex better, it also strengthens the relationship with your partner and increases intimacy. Some couples move apart for the lack of physical intimacy, especially when the relationship has lived through a few Springs, and the years of familiarity threaten to douse the fire of Read more [...]

5 Kinky Things To Try Out Before The Year Ends

A very dynamic year is coming to an end so buckle up and get ready to bid goodbye to 2015 with some hot new sex tips. A lot happened this past year with new toys being introduced, the blue eyed boy of porn James Deen had allegations of rape thrown at him on social media and also virtual reality in sex made its way into the hearts and bedrooms of people with the Twerking Butt being introduced. All in all it’s been a busy year. At Cupid Boutique we are all for trying new moves in bed, and keeping Read more [...]

Kinky Things To Do On Christmas And Boxing Day

There’s no place like home for the holidays, sang Olivia Newton John. Oh so true it is. Being amongst family, those idle hours in front of the fireplace, unwrapping presents, the indulgence of hot cups of cocoa - all of it adds up to warm cosy days. But what about the nights? Are you extending the indulgence into your bedroom as well? Not yet? We have some moves for both you and your partner to stoke the fire of passion in bed too - so your leisurely days roll into decadent nights and you make Read more [...]

Why You Should Use Condoms During Sex

2015 is drawing to a close, and yet there still are myths that shroud the use of condoms amongst many people. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and the fact remains that using a contraceptive sheath enhances the pleasure for both partners by increasing friction during the act. And it is high time that the myths about condoms were broken and we take responsibility for our actions. Condoms are after all the best method of prevention from contracting HIV. And other STIs. At the end of 2014 Read more [...]