Tips to Train Him to Pleasure You More

Men are no mind readers. They are from Mars, and we still don't have any proof that Martians are intuitive about us earthlings, despite being big brained (refer Mars Attacks). So, if you are expecting your man to intuitively figure out what exactly you like to do in bed, or which of his moves make you go Ohhhhh!, you are in for disappointing times. Men like direct signals, clear communications and women who expect their partners to figure out what’s going on in their heads would never get their Read more [...]

Common Blowjob Mistakes You Need to Stop RIGHT NOW

Men love blowjobs. They love the warm wetness, the feeling of being enveloped within your mouth, the tongue and the licking, the penetrative feeling it gives... you get the drift. Men love anything to do with blowjobs. That being said, there are certain things that are an absolute no-no when it comes to going to town on him (Read our Tips on How to Blow a Man here). Every man is different, and to each his own. They have different tastes and different needs, and there are a few things which you absolutely Read more [...]

7 Forgotten Erogenous Zones in a Woman’s Body

A woman’s body is filled with erogenous zones which can send her passions soaring if touched the right way. Everyone of course knows the usual spots like the clitoris and her womanly assets but if you are not touching the other spots, you are depriving your woman a hell lot of pleasure that she deserves. Some women know which spots are their most sensitive for they explore and find out for themselves. But some women have never explored their body or never masturbated, and this post aims at doing Read more [...]

Why Saying YES! to Sex Toys Improves Action Between the Sheets

Have you introduced sex toys to your partner yet? Building Trust With Sex Toys Considering it was a taboo even until a few years back, sex toys have come a long way to become a $15 billion industry today. By 2020 the numbers are expected to jump to a cool $52 billion! That’s more than 3 times of what it is today. The Sex Toy has surreptitiously rolled right out of shady store shelves hidden in dingy alleys and secured pride of place in downtown stores of almost every city around the world. Read more [...]

5 Steamy Benefits of Using Lube in the Sack

There have been researches and studies, and then there has been some more on whether or not people experience pain during sex. The latest findings by researchers from Kinsey Institute and University of Texas threw light on the number of people that experience some discomfort or pain during sex. These good souls found almost of a third of the women felt some or moderate pain during sex. (Source) Interestingly enough, not as many spoke up or informed their partners about it! They kept the discomfort Read more [...]

Kegel Exercises for the Alfa Male – Last Longer in the Sack

Did you know men can perform the Kegels too? And besides some medical benefits of contracting and releasing the Pubococcygeus muscle (in medical lingo), or the PC muscles for us mere mortals, Kegels can vastly improve men’s ability to prolong sexual intercourse as well as delay ejaculation. Hear, hear. Here is a workout routine that is not only beneficial for urinary incontinence or dribbling after urination, but it has some salubrious effects for your trouser snake too! Kegels are one of those Read more [...]

5 Incredible Ways to Fight the 7 Year Itch

The 7 year itch seems to bug most couples after several years of being together. You are expected to juggle many roles and responsibilities, by yourself and along with your partner, working together with touchy issues like finances, children, household chores, social etiquettes, and so many other things. Many couples report loss of happiness and satisfaction while sex takes a hit too. You have seen so much of each other in the years that you have been together that it becomes difficult to see each Read more [...]

5 Sex Positions Both Men and Women Enjoy

The results are out! The favorite sex position of people across the pond is the Doggy Style. 1 in 4 people across the United Kingdom has voted for the naughty sex position and it seems that both men and women love it on their knees in the sack. This got us thinking about what other sex positions men and women both like. There has been much talk about the naughty ways men like to get down and dirty and then there are positions that ensure a rocking orgasm for women, but we wondered if there are Read more [...]

5 Lubes You Can Use

The longer the better. The wetter the better. Sex, that is. We all want a nice long session in the sack with our man sweating it out as we rock with undulating waves of orgasm after orgasm. Arms and legs intertwined, bodies sweating and writhing, who doesn’t like hot, raw passion? But before you get all sweaty and hot, have you applied your lube yet? Many women don’t lubricate naturally and intercourse becomes painful with a dry vagina. Sometimes due to reasons like stress, medication or age, Read more [...]

PRIDE WEEK – Come OUT and Play!

Are you ready to Come OUT and Play? Summer has brought with it that colorful time of the year when the streets of Toronto and other major cities of Canada will deck up in bright colors of the rainbow to celebrate human equality. Beautiful people will be thronging the streets to flaunt their support for love, acceptance, equal rights for a multitude of diversity and the spirit of inclusion amongst human beings.     Pride Toronto turns 35 this year, and is all set to provide the best place as well Read more [...]