A Basic Guide To Sex Toys For Adults

For this article I will give you a quick over view of some of the sex toys you may see abroad but not sure what it does, how it works, or if you want to try it. As mentioned previous times, Sex toys are a growing part of everyday sexual desires. Some may want to enhance their couple’s play, while others just want to play solo and have a little fun time to themselves. So I have decided to break down the categories so it is easier to explain to someone just what the toy they are looking at can do.

The Vibrator: This is a toy that vibrates at various speeds, comes in a variety of sizes and functions and when used on the clitoris it is one of the easiest ways for women to reach orgasm. Vibrator materials may include; Silicone, Jelly, Plastic, or Glass. This is more of a massage type of stimulation which arouses the body to reach orgasm at it’s best!

The Dildo/Dong: This is a toy that replicates an erect penis. Dildo’s come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Some materials may include but is not limited to; silagel, silicone, glass, jelly, or cyberskin. This type of toy is more for insertion purpose, if the user wants to feel the effects of an erect penis internally for them to orgasm.

The Strap-On: A dildo you can strap to oneself using a harness (harnesses are available is a wide selection of straps, g-string, boy shorts, leg straps, etc)You can strap these to your hips, your thighs, or even your chest to penetrate your partner. Some strap-ons allow the user to insert their penis inside the hollow dong. Which can add girth or length to the penis as well.

The Butt Plug: The butt plug is a flexible rubber or jelly toy that is inserted into the anus to heighten sexual exploration. I would describe it as an anal dildo, although it is smaller in size with a bullet like design and has a flared base to keep it from accidentally slipping all the way into the anus. They can be either vibrating plugs or non-vibrating plugs that just depends on the user.

Anal Beads or Anal Probes: They are usually plastic or jelly strands of beads that are inserted into the anus, As the person reaches climax the beads can be slowly removed from the anus which will heighten the effects of the orgasm.

Orgasm Balls: A.K.A Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls, These are balls which are inserted into the vagina and through rocking and vaginal muscle movement can produce fabulous orgasms!!! These are simple PC muscle movements which can tighten the Pelvic Floor Muscle, which in turn gives you better orgasms, and a healthy vagina.

Bullets and Eggs: Although this is a part of the vibrators section, this should really be a whole category of it’s own. Due to the fact that bullets and eggs enhance sexual pleasure in both ways. One they help with the exercises of the pelvic floor muscles just like kegel balls do. Two they are used to enhance sexual performance whether it be during solo play or with a partner. With these two options you can also choose to use a remote which controls the egg/bullet and allows it to cycle through multi functions, or if you like you can choose eggs/bullets which are wireless and can be used to stimulate any your erogenous zones with a touch of a button.

Female Pumps: Also known as Clit pumps or Nipple Pumps. These toys come with a suction cup that is either place over the clitoral area or the nipple.  Once a grip has been established a vibrating stimulator is turned on sending pulsating vibes to the designated area.

Lubricants: One goes hand in hand with the other! Whether natrual lubrication is an easy effort or not, when it comes to using sextoys it is a good idea to use a little extra lube. Her’s a brief touch on the topic.

Water based Lubricant is probably your best all around lubricant. it does not stain, it is easily cleaned up. it is good with silicone toys and safe with latex toys. The only issue is that it tends to dry up faster so you may have to re-apply if neccessary.

Silicone based Lubricant is great for use with waterproof toys. keep in mind while silicone based lube works well with latex toys, it will destroy silicone toys. Silicone based lubricant is great for under water sex, it tends to help with the water effect and does not wash away quickly like other lubricants do.

Oil Based Lubricant is great for the use of male masturbation, or for body massages. But there are precautions with oil based lubricants and penetration. For women, this can cause irritation to the vagina and could lead to yeast infections, and other infections due to not being cleaned properly after sex. This goes for anal sex as well, you don’t want to have the oil based lubricant subside inside your anus and even when trying to clean with soap and water you might not get all the oil out, which again can lead to irritaion and infection.

Anal Play Lubricant, Any waterbased Anal Lube would make a great choice. It is thicker in consistency which make anal penetration easier. Some people still have the idea that Petroleum-based lubricants are great for anal penetration, this is actually not very good to use, as petroleum based lubricants are not very santitary and holds bacteria to the skin, as well be precautious as these lubricants will eat away at any latex based products (eg: condoms, diaphrams) so be sure to plan properly how you would like to lubricate yourself.

So there is the touch topic and the basics of sex toys. Like mentioned earlier there are a wide variety of sex toys available for what ever you desire, just take time out to look at something you really would like to try and go from there. Whether your purpose of purchasing a sex toy or lubricants is a personal idea, or whether it is something to try to enhance your sexual exploration this guide should be helpful if you not sure where to start…

Happy Sextoy Hunting!

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