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Canadian Black Friday – What We Have In Store For You

There are a few things we Canadians look forward to every year. To the snow melting. First flush of spring. Summer breaks. And Black Friday. The shopping event that throws open the holiday shopping season. At Cupid Boutique we are super excited about the deep discounts we are giving our customers. This year, Black Friday is on November 27th, and to make the magic of discounts last, we are also having a Cyber Monday Sale along with Black Friday. As you know, our discounts will last the entire Read more [...]

Kink up Sex Life with Consensual Force Play Tonight

Years of living together under the same roof, doing the same horizontal tango night after night may have robbed you of the passion that sizzled in the initial stages of your relationship. If you feel sexy ebbing from your relationship and boredom setting in, it’s time to do something drastic! May be take a vacation, deposit the kids with your folks and flying off to an exotic location for a few days. Or... change the way you have sex. Yes! Introducing new elements and adding a little kink can really Read more [...]

Shower Sex Tips That You Simply Cannot Do Without

It could be immensely fun, wet and wild or it could be the worst experience you’ve ever had, with one or both of you ending up in the ER. If it is good while it lasts it could become a regular thing for you and your partner, but if it isn't, then well, let’s just say you will end up with memories you wouldn't like to cherish. I am talking about that hyped, glamorized and oft hallowed sex act - Shower Sex. It is portrayed as this sexy, intimate act between two people, lathering up each other’s Read more [...]

Keep the Flames of Desire Burning Even After Years of Being Together

Physical intimacy is the glue that keeps partners together. It keeps the flames of desire burning and keeps partners interested in each other. Once the sex begins to fade away in the background the cheating starts. The raging fire of passion that burns us in the honeymoon days of our relationship slows down to a steady, warm flame (sometimes just a flicker), and people begin to lose interest in each other and consequently sex suffers too. But it doesn't have to be that way... you can keep the flames Read more [...]

Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Quickie Today

Does it seem like years have passed since those initial days of fierce passion? Days when you would just grab each other and kiss hungrily, taking the action to the next level and finishing off with a resounding orgasm within a few short minutes? Those 300 seconds of passion might be a thing of the past, with you having moved on to hardly-having-sex from regularly-having-sex. But there’s no reason why you should not look back a little and dig up those frenzied days. Especially when having quickies Read more [...]

Freak-tastic Party Ideas for Halloween You Can’t Ignore

Creepy cocktails. Check. Freaky food. Check. Dreadful decorations. Check. Terrifying theme? Definitely Check! Everything is moving smoothly for your Halloween party this year, invitations have been sent and everything looks like it’s in place. On All Hallow’s Eve your guests are going to be spooked out of their guts with the terrific arrangements of your Halloween Party.  Every single detail matters, and the logistics are taken care of. Now is the time you start thinking about how Read more [...]

Tips to Train Him to Pleasure You More

Men are no mind readers. They are from Mars, and we still don't have any proof that Martians are intuitive about us earthlings, despite being big brained (refer Mars Attacks). So, if you are expecting your man to intuitively figure out what exactly you like to do in bed, or which of his moves make you go Ohhhhh!, you are in for disappointing times. Men like direct signals, clear communications and women who expect their partners to figure out what’s going on in their heads would never get their Read more [...]

Common Blowjob Mistakes You Need to Stop RIGHT NOW

Men love blowjobs. They love the warm wetness, the feeling of being enveloped within your mouth, the tongue and the licking, the penetrative feeling it gives... you get the drift. Men love anything to do with blowjobs. That being said, there are certain things that are an absolute no-no when it comes to going to town on him (Read our Tips on How to Blow a Man here). Every man is different, and to each his own. They have different tastes and different needs, and there are a few things which you absolutely Read more [...]

5 Steamy Benefits of Using Lube in the Sack

There have been researches and studies, and then there has been some more on whether or not people experience pain during sex. The latest findings by researchers from Kinsey Institute and University of Texas threw light on the number of people that experience some discomfort or pain during sex. These good souls found almost of a third of the women felt some or moderate pain during sex. (Source) Interestingly enough, not as many spoke up or informed their partners about it! They kept the discomfort Read more [...]

Kegel Exercises for the Alfa Male – Last Longer in the Sack

Did you know men can perform the Kegels too? And besides some medical benefits of contracting and releasing the Pubococcygeus muscle (in medical lingo), or the PC muscles for us mere mortals, Kegels can vastly improve men’s ability to prolong sexual intercourse as well as delay ejaculation. Hear, hear. Here is a workout routine that is not only beneficial for urinary incontinence or dribbling after urination, but it has some salubrious effects for your trouser snake too! Kegels are one of those Read more [...]