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Probing into the Prostate Massage question

It’s all in the nuts, dear men. The secret to robust health, the crux of life, the magic of the joy of sex... all of it lies in that tiny, gland that rests between the penis and the anus and is an integral part of the male reproductive system. It is the size of a small kiwifruit or a walnut and is responsible for secreting seminal fluid. This fluid contains and protects sperm that of course as we all know is the crux of life. Regular ejaculation of seminal fluid is beneficial for men, as it Read more [...]

Sextoy Materials: Clean & Care Habits

This topic is to let our users know how to go about choosing the type of material you want for your sex toy. This guide is to outline some of the options you may see on sex shops website, that give you a little idea as to what the product is made of. Most of the manufacturers and retailers are listing their products with logo or icons that let you know what the product is made of. The following guideline is to help you with shopping for sex toys that are made of different materials, this will help Read more [...]

The Dildo in History

During the Upper Paleolithic Revolution archaeologists found articles in which were notified as "batons" usually referring to smaller weapons. However, studies have shown that these figures were most likely used for sexual purposes. Although, many will avoid that interpretation. As the world knows it, the oldest known dildo is a stiltstone 20 centimeters phallus (another word for an erect penis) this was found approximately 30,000 years ago in Hohle Fel Cave near Ulm, Germany. This bit of information Read more [...]

A Basic Guide To Sex Toys For Adults

For this article I will give you a quick over view of some of the sex toys you may see abroad but not sure what it does, how it works, or if you want to try it. As mentioned previous times, Sex toys are a growing part of everyday sexual desires. Some may want to enhance their couple's play, while others just want to play solo and have a little fun time to themselves. So I have decided to break down the categories so it is easier to explain to someone just what the toy they are looking at can do. The Read more [...]