Cupid Boutique Strengthens Their Health & Safety Precautions in the Wake of COVID-19 Outbreak

Unless you live in a bubble (which seems like a good idea right now), you already know that the coronavirus has its foothold in many countries, and continues to spread. As Canada heads closer to a complete lockdown to implement social distancing (the only way to avoid this disease), many businesses are being affected by this disaster, and it's strained our operations as well. While these outcomes are obvious and expected, we at Cupid Boutique are doing our best to ensure the complete safety of our employees and customers. The strong and far-reaching measures designed to fight this virus in Canada (and globally) requires all of us to change the way we run our businesses, serve our customers,
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A Chance Meeting with My Ex-Boyfriend – A Thrilling Erotic Story

Here is an erotic piece ‘fiction’ about an estranged couple who accidentally bumped into each other after years of separation, only to discover that their passion still burns hot. Five years, six weeks and ten days. That’s precisely how long since his eyes had last met mine. We dated each other for seven months, but every moment was imprinted upon my brain forever. Such was his charm and enigma! The same old needles of desire drove through my nerves as I looked across the glass panel to where he was seated at the hotel waiting lounge, completely unaware of my presence. The Long-lost Days The memories of those countless fiery nights came roaring back into my mind. I could still
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Sex for Older Couples – The Secret to Pleasure, Health and Everything in Between

The Secret to Pleasure, Health and Everything in Between
When it comes to their twilight years, some senior people love visiting exotic locations. Others prefer pursuing their long-lost hobbies. Then there are those who spend their golden years reliving their sexual fantasies, sometimes even outside their marital relationship. Meet Jessica and Simon, two such senior swingers who believe that age is just a number. Both are divorced and in their late-fifties. While Jessica has an estranged son from her previous relationship, Simon is a free-spirit and has no children. They live together in an apartment, where they enjoy cooking meals, watching new movies and taking their dogs for walk. They also love visiting night clubs and organizing swingers’
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May for Mutual Masturbation – Steamy Sex Toys to Help You Cum Together

Portrait of a gorgeous young woman posing seductively on her bedhttp://
So here’s another great excuse to get your hands back in action - May is National Masturbation Month! And guess what, it’s not just a mere 24 hours, but an entire month of celebration. You probably know the rules – grab and knead your manhood/love pearls voraciously and thank your lucky stars that you’ve finally made it to the climax. However, if you’re taking the Mutual O-game Challenge like me, the rules will be a bit twisted, and definitely more exciting than solo sex. Mutual masturbation helps you in experimenting with different types of touch and caresses, fueling a range of orgasms, from vaginal to clitoral to anal to blended, P-spot orgasms. Equally effective for men and
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Sun’s Out, Bums Out! 5 Quirky Ways to Sizzle Up Your Spring Sex

If spring is near, can sex be far away? Well, this isn’t surely an age-old adage, but if you’re here and reading this blog, you’ll surely relate to this. I mean, literally! And oh yes, this makes so much sense. After all, the switch of the seasons does have an impact on our moods, and possibly on our sex drives too. As temperatures soar, so does your libido. We inquired several urologists and sexual health experts, and almost all of them agreed to the fact that spring has its own way of putting people in the mood. As winter departs, we shed our warmers, work out more, and bask in the warmth of the sun. This, in turn, increases blood flow to your body, and elevates your mood, aka
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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Get Your Woman Groove to Some Naughty Moves

“Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!” - Thomas Hood Ah! Valentine’s Day. Does it really sound like a long lost memory, when you used to show your loved one just how much she meant to you? 5 years into marriage and already feeling the romance drained right out your conjugal life? If yes, then give me a high five! I was in your shoes until a year back, when my best friend suggested a unique gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Before I get down to what this special idea was, let me have a brief tête-à-tête with you. When it comes to relationships, especially marital ones, it’s very important to keep the fire burning. Likewise, it’s
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Let Go Of Your Divine Asshole And Rediscover Your Inner Self

“Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself as its most brilliant.” Paulo Coelho If you had met me a few months back, you would come across a totally different person - someone you could easily walk over. Yes, I was afraid, afraid of letting go of relationships; I was tired, tired of holding on to the man for whom I barely existed. There were friends who (hardly cared) but insisted me to drink with them; so I would go along and then feel depressed and miserable for the next few days. I gave up on my old friends to avoid unavoidable questions and loneliness. My life was leading nowhere and I was gradually losing my own existence. The wakeup call came when I lost
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Prostate Milking – Love Your Asshole and Do Yourself a Favour!

"Most of the problems in the world today can be blamed on man's fear of his asshole." -Cary Grant Ahaaa! Are you listening guys? Forget caressing your love rod; how about exploring your butt hole for health and pleasure alike? Before you chew on that idea and try your hands at it, let me introduce you to the basics of ‘Prostate Milking’.  Some of you perhaps even have heard about it, but somehow lack its proper knowledge and understanding. The biggest reason why so few men enjoy the benefits of prostate milking is the irrational fear and inhibition that exploring one’s asshole is dirty, unnatural and dangerous. In actuality, the massage is exquisitely healing, healthy and pleasurable.
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Getting Job Perfect – 5 Key Facts I Wish I knew Before I Gave My First Blow Job

My Story Well, here I go. I had a big crush on this guy, but always knew that he wasn’t the typical “boyfriend” material. This sound like a good compromise; besides, I was bold, beautiful and most importantly, a free spirit. Oh, why fumble through numerous odd hookups when someone could give you the experience of a lifetime? My biggest mistake, of course, was to assume that hooking up with this guy wouldn’t be awkward. Since Richard and I had a hard time finding a suitable place for our first encounter, we finally decided to settle for his Dad’s SUV. OMG! It was so small and uncomfortable, and (after much struggle) we somehow got down to business. Oh, I still remember those pre-action
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Quick Tips to Spice up your Summer Sex Life

Is your sex life all geared up for summer? Let your nights be hotter and your drinks, colder! With the rising body temperature and libido, it’s time to bust out some sexy bedroom moves.  So, get off that couch and cast your coy self aside, because it isn’t just the mercury that’s rising high.... Introduce something delicious to your play Craving for something new? Summer is the perfect time for some fun, thrill and novelty, allowing you to explore the unknown avenues of pleasure. Swap the regular honey dips and chocolate sauce for edible massage oils . While a good massage will soothe and relax your tired muscles, their aroma and flavors will arouse you. Simply smear it on
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