Body Paints

What is another great way to explore each other than to paint each other body parts? The most significant aspect of these body paints is that they can be used both before and after having the sexual intercourse. Using them before the physical indulgence will help in intensifying the passion, whereas, using it after can help the partners better understand each other and in some circumstances push them for another round of sexual activity. Apart from that, these body art paints box are edible. This means there is nothing wrong even if you lick those parts of your partner where this edible body paint has been used.

Body paints are available in a host of options. So, you can choose this finger body paint as per your needs and requirements. Also for the convenience of the customers, this body paint product has also been made available as body powders and body shimmer.

Splash your lover in flavor or color with these unique body paints, shimmers and powders! We carry a great selection of body dusts, paints and shimmers in all flavors and colors with only one reason! So, choose your favorite colors or flavors and spice up your foreplay tonight!