Oil Based Lubricants

Give an exciting twist to your sex life and make it more exciting with oil based lubricants. Lubes are an important part of sexual play - solo or partner - making it more fun. Typically, with the use of lube, men can sustain their erections longer, and pleasure their partners for a longer time. Lubes make sex more sensuous and pleasurable for both partners, especially when indulging in anal sex. The rectum and anus are not self-lubricating, and need to be lubricated with external lubes for a painless experience.

Oil based lubes are safe to use and can be used with almost any toy, except for those made with latex or rubber. It’s best to use polyurethane condoms with oil based lubricants. Latex condoms may break when used with oil based lubricants. Explore our online catalogue of these personal lubricants and pick out the one you like the most. The pleasure is ours!