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Coupon Terms & Conditions

    • Offers valid online only
    • Offers not valid in any of our Physical Stores
    • Online prices, promotions and offers differ from those in our physical stores
    • Coupon discount not applicable in combination with other offers/promotions
  • Offers not applicable on shoes and gift card items
  • Offers can be changed or modified, as and when required
  • Offers valid until stocks last or till offers expire
  • Cupid Boutique reserves the sole authority to withdraw or change offers at any point of time, without any prior notice
  • Coupons are valid for a limited time only. Cupid Boutique reserves the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time
  • Coupons are not applicable on these items:L4764, L4726, L4733, L4757, L6041P (L6041, L6089, L6096), L4795, PD5127-02, PD5136-00, PD5144-00, PD5150-00, PD6005-00, PD6006-00, PD6007-00, PD6008-00, PD6010-00, PD6012-00, PD6023-00, PD6026-00, PD6039-00, PD6042-00, PD6043-00, PD6051-11, PD6116-00, PD6117-00, PD6216-00, PD6308-00, PD6309-02, PD6310-00, PD6322-01, PD6448-00, PD6457-00, PD6603-11, PD6609-01, PD6823-00, PD6825-00, PD6829-00, PD6846, PD7120-00, PD7435-00, PD7435-65, PD7437-00, PD7443-00, PD7607-00, PD7609-00, PD7918, PD7922-00, PD7923-00, PD7934-11, PD8004-01, PD8007-00, PD8103-00, PD8200-00, PD8207-00, PD8222-03, PD8506, PD9520-80, PD9520-81, PKB-004, PKB-014, PKB-016, PKB-017, PD5127-01, PD4570-15, WE6737, WE6461, WE6447, WE584P, WE560, WE780, WE6430, WE6416, WE588, EL0406BK, EL0406GD, EL0406RD, EL8220BK, EL8220GD, EL8220SV, EL8220WT.WE1022,WE6416,WE2265,WE650,L5983,L7680,PD-RD341,PD-RD340,L7229,L7052,L7007,L6994,L6987,L6871,L6864,L6789,L6772,L6765,L6758,L6727,L6703,L278127,L278110,L278103,L1753,L1739,L1715,L1708,L1012,L1005,TS107009, TS1002012,L2463,L2555,L2548,L2456P,L2449,L2425,WE780

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