Breast Forms

If you find yourself alone on a stranded island, what is that one feminising thing that you would carry with you? While many of us would vote for fancy clothes, shoes, stockings and chocolates, most wouldn’t go without their breast forms. Featuring a lifelike look and feel, they have the biggest feminine effect on one’s body and mind. Besides transforming your figure, these forms give a strong boost to your self-esteem.

Made of silicon materials, our collection of breast forms features a natural, matte and realistic finish. They jiggle and sway, mimicking the moves of some youthful, natural breasts. Close physical contacts and even tight hugs or caresses, won’t reveal that you’re wearing one - unless you choose to disclose your secret. So, if you’re looking for a pair of perfectly fitting breast forms, breast form accessories and see through bras, look no further. Just browse through our collection and make your pick!